Investor Tips : Invest only a maximum of 30% of your savings in the share market. As long as general economy is strong one should not panic if the market falls. Try to accumulate more if the share belongs to a good company and wait for the market to rise. Never invest everything on one company or one sector. Distribute your investments on good sectors and on different companies. Never buy shares of very lowly priced shares unless there is a positive news about it. Never buy a share which is near 52weeks high as at any time it may fall.

NEW TO TRADING IN STOCKS ? Follow the basics...

Stock market in India has two major stock exchages namely BSE and NSE. There are lot of sites which contain stock market related news and stock recommendations & market tips.,,reliancemoney, Apollosindhoori, Geojit, Angel broking,,, are few examples of big brokering firms in India.

Now we can also get the stock tickers on our mobile. So that we can do trading in online through mobile phones with GPRS enabled handset on the move. There are also sites like who provide hot stock tips in advance. The ranges of the stocks are from Rs.50 to Rs.500. According to experts indian sensex index consists of top 30 companies from various sectors. So any increase or decrease in BSE and NSE indices reflect the overall performance of the market. To understand sector's performance the indices are also further broken like IT index, Bank Index, Auto , Pharma etc., etc.,Try to get an advice from your share broker or agent before jumping into sharemarket.

Expert's Tips regarding smart investment in stocks...

Benjamin Graham is the second richest man in the world (after Microsoft's Bill Gates) he has earned his wealth from stock markets around the world. 
Dr Graham has given a very simple formula with which one can try to find out the market's expectation from a particular company stock. It depends on the growth rate of the company which is taken as “g” which is denoted in percentage,
Here is the formula,
Value= EPS (8.5+2g), where EPS stands for Earning per share and the data can be found out from Company or Stock Exchange website.
Value = current stock value. With available Value and EPS data you can arrive at “g” the growth value which is the minimum required to sustain the rate at the current level. When higher growth is expected then you can expect the share value to up. So it can be a “buy”. This is one of an examples as per Dr. Graham, results may vary because of external factors in global level.



Intra day tip for new investors..

If you are new to trading, while doing day trading which is also known as "Intraday trading", it is better to avoid putting market orders in on-line trading, as there may be some delay in execution by that time if the share price move up, you will be paying more. If you specify the correct value then the order will get executed at that price or lesser price which is better for you. Also, as the holdings of shares in intraday have to be squared-off before the stipulated time, it is advisable to place the orders before noon. Day trader must take care of short selling of shares as short selling can not be carried forward to the next trading session. Otherwise, shares will be auctioned leaving the trader in tension.

Online trading safety tips

If you are trading from a browsing center after logging out, clear the history, cookies and internet tem files as it will protect your privacy and trading passwords from hackers. Keep track of your password and change it at regular intervals.

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